Venerable Paññādhikālaṅkāra Bio

Pariyatti-Sāsanahita Distinguished Samanera
Sasanadhaja-Dhammacariya, Vinayavidū, M.A. (Buddhist Studies)
Registrar, Mahāvihāra Dhamma-Vinaya University (MDVU)
Head and Founder Of Pyinnyaryaungchi Buddhist Education Centre

Venerable Paññādhikālaṅkāra is the Registrar and Associated professor of Patipatti Department of Mahāvihāra Dhamma-Vinaya University (MDVU), Myanmar. He is also head and the founder of Pyinnyaryaungchi Buddhist Education Centre in Myanmar.

He studied in traditional way in educational monasteries in Mandalay. He was conferred Sasanadhaja-Dhammācariya and Vinayavidū Degrees by Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture of Myanmar, and Sāsanālankāra Distinghished Sāmanera Degree by Pariyatti-Sasanahita Board Exam.

After graduated as Dhammacariya (Dhamma Teacher), he was appointed as teacher in Buddhist education centres. He further studied in University Of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka and graduated with M.A. Degree (Buddhist Studies) in 2012. He started the teaching of Abhidhamma and Pāli in English with the classmates from different countries during his postgraduate study in Sri Lanka.

In 2015, he followed the guidance of the Most Venerable Pa-Auk Tawya Sayadaw.

In 2017, he cooperated as a lecturer in Mahavihāra Dhamma-Vinaya University (MDVU). He was assigned as the registrar of MDVU.

In 2018, he was appointed as a member of representative in collaborative project between University of Chicago and Myanmar Buddhist scholars, and he conducted as a member of educational delegation both in United States and Myanmar.

Presently he is serving as a member of Central Examination Board in Abhidhamma & Visuddhimagga, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture of Myanmar (2019-2020 Exam) and Religious Spiritual Adviser & Instructor of Pāli and Abhidhamma for foreign students and meditators.

Venerable is teaching Applied Abhidhamma (in Burmese) currently. He has given Dhamma teachings especially on Abhidhamma in Myanmar, Malaysia, Taiwan, and America. He speaks Burmese and English.

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