Let’s learn Burmese! – Venerable Garudhamma

Venerable Garudhamma from Kusalakari Monastery will teach on Zoom!

Bhante’s Bio (အတ္ထုပ္ပတ္တိ)

  • Bhante was born in Mandalay in 1971
  • Became a sāmaṇera (a novice monk) in 1982
  • Received a B.A in Buddhism in 1998
  • Moved to Kusalakari Monastery (California, USA) in 1999 and has been teaching dhamma in San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley ever since
  • Bhante is currently teaching Abhidhamma in Burmese on Zoom. You may view the recorded lectures at ကုသလကာရီ အဘိဓမ္မာသင်တန်း.

Let’s learn Burmese class enrollment form: https://tinyurl.com/learnburmesenow

Class Schedule

Every Thursday
7 PM – 8 PM Pacific Time (Fremont, California, USA)

Zoom Meeting: 820 7930 4534
Passcode: metta

Class Materials

Class Videos