Venerable Paññādhikālaṅkāra’s Class

Venerable Paññādhikālaṅkāra Bio
Pariyatti-Sāsanahita Distinguished Samanera
Sasanadhaja-Dhammacariya, Vinayavidū, M.A. (Buddhist Studies)
Registrar, Mahāvihāra Dhamma-Vinaya University (MDVU)
Head and Founder Of Pyinnyaryaungchi Buddhist Education Centre

Abhidhamma Study Class

Class Registration

Please register for the class if you haven’t done so via this link: so that you can be informed on any changes about the class.

Class Schedule

Every Wednesday 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm Pacific Time (USA)
Zoom Meeting: 881 7257 1572
Passcode: metta
လက်ရှိ အချိန် Current Date & Time
ဆန်ဖရန်စ္စကို (San Francisco, USA) – Pacific Time
နယူးယောက် (New York, USA) – Eastern Time
မြန်မာ (Myanmar)
ထိုင်ဝမ် (Taiwan/Singapore)

Class Notes

Abhidhamma Study Class Resources

Class Videos

Please check this YouTube channel for videos not yet posted in this site.
Also see this WinMetta’s YouTube Playlist for Abhidhamma Study in English

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